BOOST YOUR RESUME! Federal Training & Leadership Programs

  • South Carolina, USA
  • Dec 30, 2021
Intern Customer Service Entry Level Government Nonprofit-Social Services Training

Job Description

Disaster Response. Environmental Projects. Community Support. Rebuilding. Human Services. Technology. Urban & Rural Planning. Public Relations. Business Management. Project Management. Education.  The US Government offers two excellent paid programs for training and leadership ideal for those with college Certificates, Associate or Bachelor degrees.  US Citizenship or Permanent Residency Required.


Use these federal training and leadership programs to build federal experience, compete federal training, add new certifications, gain skills and knowledge in new areas, increase your experience level, and enhance the value of your college degree. These programs count as relevant federal experience on future federal employment applications. Replace traditional student jobs like waiting tables, sandwich artist, cashier, food delivery driver and retail work on your resume. Impress state or local government employers, private sector employers and non-profit organizations with your new credentials. Earn additional college credits for continuing education. Receive bi-weekly stipend plus an educational award to pay off student debt, or to acquire more education or job training in the future. Program can be repeated for a total of $12,190 in educational award.


Federal Program Benefits

  • Gain experience while exploring career options
  • Gain a competitive edge over other job applicants in private or government sectors
  • Gain leadership and management experience
  • Gain college credits for continuing education and workforce development (6-9 credit hours)
  • Gain new contacts by networking with government and community agency directors
  • Gain new skills in your career field and expand your capabilities
  • Team Leader option for those with advanced skills and education
  • Travel, lodging, healthcare- plus childcare allowance if applicable
  • Earn bi-weekly stipend plus $6,095 to pay off educational debt or pay for future educational and job training expenses


Career Interest Areas

  • Business- all focus areas
  • Environmental- including forestry and fire science, sustainability, geography
  • Health- public health, health education, healthcare interest
  • Public- social services, public services, program development, counseling, non-profit management, government, education
  • Development- construction management, building trades, health & safety, eco-design, energy management, urban/rural planning
  • Communication- academic research, English, Spanish, Sign Language, history, writing, marketing, communications
  • Administrative Services- HR, office management, personnel supervision, personnel training, budget management
  • Technology- GIS/GPS systems, computer science, networking, cybersecurity, database management
  • 911- emergency management, emergency services, disaster response, project management, homeland security


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