Auditor Evaluator I

$61,092 - $66,312 yearly
  • California State Auditor
  • With some travel throughout California.
  • Mar 16, 2020
Full time Government

Job Description

Under direct supervision, the incumbent in the Auditor Evaluator I classification assists in the completion of audit field work as part of an audit team. The work includes extensive communication with auditee staff during field work and with colleagues and supervisors in a collaborative work environment; and thorough and accurate documentation of audit activities and findings both during field work and in the development of audit reports. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Performs audit activities in conformance with auditing standards, independently and as part of an audit team, to fulfill the objectives of the audit and the mission of the California State Auditor by (but not limited to):
• Obtaining and interpreting relevant and authoritative criteria for the program or issues under audit.
• Reviewing objective evidence in order to draw conclusions about the audit subject to report to management and the audited agency.
• Identifying the audited agency’s policies and procedures and observing its procedures and practices.
• Interviewing the audited agency’s personnel responsible for the program.
• Performing descriptive statistical analyses of data using basic spreadsheet software to understand obtained data.
• Testing data to determine its accuracy, completeness, currency, and reliability.
• Based on an objective and independent evaluation of the evidence, drawing conclusions about the audit subject, identifying possible causes of any agency problems or non compliance, and developing feasible and cost-effective recommendations to address these concerns.
• Preparing work materials/documents in a logical manner to ensure information is easily accessed, understood, and able to be used to document audit work performed and conclusions reached.
• Assisting in the development of a thorough and accurate written audit reports.
• For financial audits, performing procedures to determine whether financial information is presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and participating in the production of audited financial statements, including all relevant disclosures.
• Assists in the scoping and planning of audits and audit activities to ensure necessary resource allocation and that plans are consistent with audit objectives and auditing standards.
• Assists with the development of thorough and accurate audit reports to present findings and recommendations.
• Communicates with auditee staff to obtain necessary information for audits, and with auditee staff, colleagues, supervisors, and others to convey information related to audit procedures, findings, and recommendations.