• Deer Valley Unified School District
  • 20402 North 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Nov 28, 2018
Full time Education

Job Description


Contributes to the district's goal to commit to preparing today's youth for tomorrow's challenges by maximizing their options for life through academic and social growth.


 Administers and interprets a wide range of individualized standardized assessment instruments in all psychological domains including, but not limited to, current editions of the following: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, Cognitive Assessment System (CAS), Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABCII), Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities, Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (UNIT), Pervasive Development Disorders Behavior Inventory(PDDBI), Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY) Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Perceptual Test,, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Children’s Memory Scale (CMS), Comprehensive Test of Psychological Learning, and School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI). Will be able to administer tests of achievement such as the Young Children’s Achievement Test (YCAT), Wechsler Individual Achievement Test –III (WIAT-III), Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement (WJIII), Gray Oral Reading Test-5 (GORT-5), and other achievement and assessment instruments as appropriate. The psychologists wil be competent in guiding other staff in the administration of achievement tests.

 Administers and interprets the following instruments including, but not limited to: Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) Beck’s Depression Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-II), California Personality Inventory, Personality Inventory for Children, Second Edition (PIC II), Behavioral Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC II, ) and Projective Drawing Techniques such as the House-Tree-Person (HTP). Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale 2nd Edition (RADS-2), Conners III Rating Scale, and other tests as appropriate. The psychologists will make use of the Psychologists’ Library for learning and administering various instruments.  Data-based decision making and accountability: Psychologists will make certain that curriculum-based assessment is collected by the Service Coordinators as part of the assessment and will consult with service coordinators, when needed, in collecting such data. Curriculum-based assessment may include DIBELS, Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), Diagnostic Reading Inventory and other classroom based data or programs, i.e. Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, Read Naturally, Wilson Reading Program, Handwriting Without Tears, Read 180, System 44, and any other appropriate math or writing prompts. Is able to use assessment data to develop and implement evidenced-based instructional strategies that are intended to improve student performance and tied to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

 Evaluates adaptive behavior of children, when appropriate, through the use of the Vineland Social Maturity Scales, Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II, or other appropriate adaptive behavior instruments.

 Conducts effective psychological and psycho-educational diagnostic, prescriptive evaluations of children using Themed Evaluations and incorporating curriculumbased measurements into writing the report.

 Diagnoses a full range of educational (learning), psychological, and mental disorders in children utilizing the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American psychiatric Association and includes diagnostic information in written reports of evaluation.

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