• Deer Valley Unified School District
  • 20402 North 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Nov 28, 2018
Full time Education

Job Description


To work in a partnership with students, staff, parents and the community in accordance with the district’s vision and mission to promote student achievement.


 Demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum, subject content, and the developmental needs of students by providing relevant learning experiences.

 Plans using the state’s standards, the school’s curriculum, effective strategies, resources, and data to meet the needs of all students.

 Effectively engages students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs.

 Systematically gathers, analyzes, and uses all relevant data to measure student academic progress, guide instructional content and delivery methods, and provides timely feedback to both students and parents throughout the school year.

 Uses resources, routines, and procedures to provide a respectful, positive, safe, student-centered environment that is conducive to learning.

 Maintains a commitment to professional ethics, communicates effectively, and takes responsibility for and participates in professional growth results in enhanced student learning.

 The work of the teacher results in acceptable, measurable, and appropriate student academic progress.

 Requires students to demonstrate 21st Century skills; critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and technology in every classroom.

 Engages students through activities both inside and outside the classroom.

 Utilizes common core strategies in daily instruction.

 Embeds continuous improvement principles utilizing the Baldrige framework.

 Must meet any additional specific job requirements as indicated by the school.