College Counselor

  • Great Hearts Academies
  • Anthem Preparatory Academy - Great Hearts, North Gavilan Peak Parkway, Anthem, AZ, USA
  • Nov 26, 2018
Full time Education

Job Description


Scope: Great Hearts Academies provides quality and individual attention to each student going through the college application process. The overarching objective is to ensure that all students will continue to realize the fullness of their human, cultural, and personal identity well past their time at the school. One of the perennial questions raised at the Academies is, “How do I live the good life?” The university life is crucial in this pursuit as it provides the necessary time and space for students to greater deepen who they are, both intellectually and morally among their leaders and peers. It is of the utmost importance that college counselors assist students in identifying and attending an appropriate educational environment since the formation they receive at university will be a determining factor in their vocations and roles in society.

Purpose: College Counselors provide individualized planning and advice to students and their parents. The counselor’s aim is to help students identify, apply and eventually attend the school that is the best fit given their interest, family goals and financial circumstances. There is no crisis counseling, and since the curriculum contains no electives, college counselors do not work on course selection and student scheduling.

Detailed Responsibilities

Duties involve, but are not limited to:

  • Developing college workshops for parents and providing individual parent counseling to answer questions about high school curriculum, college acceptance, the application process, etc.
  • One-on-one advising on prospective colleges, as well as helping students evaluate their interests for an initial selection of a college major, if needed
  • Educating upperclassmen on application process through group workshops and individual meetings
  • Assisting students with applications, college essays and scholarship essays
  • Processing college application paperwork and writing letters of recommendation for admissions and scholarships
  • Researching and advertising summer study, internships, and scholarship opportunities
  • Facilitating the selection process for students nominated to represent the school for summer programs or scholarships
  • Updating the School Profile and other Academy documents
  • Maintaining a working calendar of events and tasks within the office
  • Coordinating and administering PSAT and PLAN tests (PSAT – sophomores/juniors, PLAN – sophomores) and providing post-test (PSAT/PLAN) counseling to develop individual test preparation plans for the SAT/ACT, as needed
  • Working as the school’s SSD Liaison (Services for Students with Disabilities) and assuring that the information process on college testing accommodations is coordinated with the Academy’s Special Education Coordinator
  • Updating and maintaining college test stats, college acceptance data, scholarship tracking, and alumni information
  • Responsibility for registrar tasks; coordinating with the office manager for some of the registrar tasks; taking on responsibility for issuing transcripts for high school students applying to summer programs and colleges, as well as issuing final transcripts for high school graduates
  • Assisting the office with the processing of incoming transfer credits and serving as liaison to the Headmaster in matters of credit acceptance and necessary make-up credits for transfer students and entering the prior credits for high school transfers into Schoolmaster to ensure completeness of records for college applications.
  • Assisting the headmaster or his/her designated representative with devising remediation plans for high school failing semester grades to allow on-time high school graduation
  • Maintaining the school’s college counseling website and Naviance site
  • Developing background information for the end-of-year awards ceremony highlighting the plans of each graduating senior
  • Working with the Great Hearts College Counseling Team in Arizona on various projects
  • Attending various College Counseling meetings and other training
  • Chaperoning for College Counseling events
  • Networking with colleges, including travel to schools and hosting admissions reps; activity in NACAC and attending National Conferences
  • Consulting with the Director of Academics as needed