Project Engineer

  • The PENTA Building Group
  • The PENTA Building Group, South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Sep 08, 2020
Full time Construction

Job Description

A PENTA Project Engineer is primarily responsible for coordinating, filing, tracking, logging, reviewing, and communicating information and documentation on a project.  The Project Engineer will also provide both technical and administrative assistance to the Project Manager and Superintendent as required; reporting directly to the Project Superintendent for all field related activities and to the Project Manager for all other activities.  In certain situations where responsibilities overlap, the Project Engineer may report to both the Project Manager and the Project Superintendent.  Specific job responsibilities and skills include, but are not limited to:

Project Startup/Preconstruction

  • Initialize project document logs (RFIs, Drawings, Submittals, etc.)
  • Thoroughly review the project specifications and create a schedule of all required samples, shop drawings, test reports, and other submittal requirements. 
  • Organize the schedule according to PENTA standard operating procedures and communicate with the subcontractors to determine quantity of submittal packages, due dates, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to identify critical long-lead items and develop the project procurement schedule
  • Collaborate with the Project Manager and Superintendent to create the Master Project Schedule
  • Assist the Project Manager in developing the project budget and cost codes.  Develop a thorough understanding of project cost codes, especially for self perform work
  • Assist the Project Manager with subcontractor buyout, including quantity take-offs, and developing bid scopes
  • Track, status, and obtain permits to ensure no disruption in the construction schedule
  • Assist Superintendent and Safety Director with the creation of a project specific safety plan
  • Assist the Project Manager with job-site mobilization including coordinating the installation of utilities, office furniture, equipment, and computers.  Coordinate with PENTA IT department to ensure that the network, servers, and workstations are ordered and installed as needed

Project Construction

  • Coordinate with the Project Safety Manager Project Superintendent to promote job-site safety
  • Conduct, record, and file weekly safety inspections
  • Maintain familiarity with all relevant OSHA regulations and assist with maintaining an excellent relationship with OSHA
  • Assist in subcontractor safety monitoring
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining a current procurement schedule.  
  • Organize, manage, and track the entire submittal/shop drawing review process to ensure that all required submittals will be reviewed and approved in a timely manner and will not disrupt the construction schedule.

 Project Completion

  • Monitor owner FF&E process for affect on the PENTA schedule
  • Track and clear all “Notices of Violation” from the building and/or fire department prior to TCO
  • Track and clear NCRs from the structural inspection agency and ensure that SQAA report is completed and submitted prior to TCO
  • Collaborate with the Superintendent and Project Manager to develop a “Road Map to Completion” for all work elements.

* Certain responsibilities may span multiple project phases.  In such cases, the Project Engineer is responsible for those activities throughout all relevant phases of the project. For full job description, see

We trust you to have:

OSHA 30 Hour Certification

Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or Architectural Engineering