NORC -Social Services Coordinator

  • Neighborhood SHOPP
  • 825 Morrison Avenue, Bronx, NY, USA
  • Nov 02, 2021
Full time Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description


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 Lafayette Estates NORC Social Services Coordinator                                           Full Time / 35 hours

 Neighborhood Self Help by Older Persons Project (SHOPP) is a non-profit social services agency founded in 1980 serving minority older adults throughout the Bronx.  SHOPP’s mission is based on the philosophy of self-help. We believe that older people are capable of helping themselves and helping others improve their capacity to deal with the physical, emotional, social, and financial challenges they face as they age.   

 SHOPP has several service programs in the Bronx that includes Community Care Network Program; VIP Elder Abuse Program and Crime Victims; NY Connects of the Bronx; Casa Boricua, Leon, Guess and Soundview Older Adult Centers; Case Management & Friendly Visiting Program; Caregivers Program and Lafayette Estates NORC Program.      

 SHOPP’s staff must be prepared to utilize the agency’s philosophy of self-help and mutual assistance to enable participants to gain and express positive, psychological, and social well-being as an outcome of their involvement in SHOPP programs. SHOPP participants are provided with opportunities to: access benefits and entitlements; serve as volunteers; join planning and support groups; take advantage of training programs, participate in nutritional, educational, recreational and health promotion activities; and participate in community service and leadership development.    

 The Lafayette Estates NORC Social Services Coordinator is primarily responsible for the management and direct services of social services program component of case assistance and case management, telephone reassurance and supervision of social work students.  The Social Service Coordinator reports directly to the Program Director. 

 Qualifications & Duties:  The position requires a master’s degree in social work, counseling or equivalent profession from an accredited graduate school and experience in group work programming.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and experience in working with older adults, community-based services, administration, and social work practice required. Bi-lingual skills in Spanish preferred.   

 Direct Services: 

  •   Provide comprehensive assessment of participant needs and provide timely intervention. 
  • Screen for benefits, entitlements, and services to assess need, eligibility, and applications, including counseling, advocacy and supportive contact.  
  • Provide referrals to and coordinate services to other service providers and monitor outcomes.  
  • Resolve and or mediate in potential conflict situations involving program participants. 
  • Provide supportive counseling to assist individuals with complex issues who may need additional support with their needs.  
  • Maintain complete and well-written documentation of participant files utilizing the STARS database.  


  •  Provide Supervisory review of all case management and case assistance service deliveries and documentations provided by staff and interns .   
  • Provide support in reviewing record keeping of all program activities. 
  • Collaborate with the Healthcare Management component of NORC program to ensure service provision to meet the unique needs of older adults who have immediate and on-going healthcare needs.   
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations.    
  • Identify, recruit, train and provide on-going support to NORC social service staff, interns and volunteers.  
  • Conduct team meetings and provide case consultation assistance. 
  • Provide support to the Food Service Coordinator in the development and implementation of the centers food service delivery.  
  • Provide support to the Senior Coordinator of Programs to secure and assist in the development and implementation of the center’s activities and SHOPP Virtual Connections.  
  • Provide support to the Healthcare Coordinator to secure and assist in the development and implementation of the center’s health promotion and healthcare activities/events.  


  •  Cultivate and Maintain community partnerships both inside and outside of SHOPP’s Network. 
  • Develop and utilize linkages with service providers and referral sources, including case management programs and older adult centers to maximize service provisions.  
  • Contribute to initiatives by developing work plans, preparing reports, and communicating performance target outcomes to the Program Director. 
  • Participate in an interdisciplinary team with other appropriate staff to coordinate services and share relevant information on client progress. 
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of staff meetings, staff training, and staff development.  
  • Assist with public relations and promotion of SHOPP and SHOPP events. 
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships with program participants, staff and SHOPP administration. 
  • Complete other duties appropriate to the position as assigned by the Chief Program Officer. 


                                                                      To apply for this position, email your resume and cover letter to:
                                                            ATTN: Diana Delgado, Neighborhood SHOPP 
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