Registered Nurse - Sign-On Bonus Eligible

$90,000 - $93,000 yearly
  • WellLife Network Inc.
  • Coram, NY, USA
  • Jan 10, 2023
Full time Nurse

Job Description

Position Summary:

The  RN will be a clinical staff member who, in addition to performing routine team duties, has lead responsibility for evaluating the general medical and physical needs of assigned consumers for treatment; supervises and renders general nursing care (e.g., administers injections and medications) on an on-going basis. Provide psychiatric and medical assessment and treatment for children and adults engaged in mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Essential Accountabilities:

  1. Assist the prescriber on the CCBHBC team with the assessment of client physical health, making appropriate referrals to community physicians for further assessment and treatment, and coordinating medical treatments with psychiatric treatment.
  2. Is primary staff to coordinate and collaborate with FQHC, private practitioners and other health providers to share information/data, with consent, work in partnership for wellness and ensure follow-up for medical concerns.
  3. Complete nursing assessment within 30 days of admission and yearly thereafter.
  4. Collect all relevant health data and measurements in compliance with grant funding.
  5. Collaborate with the treatment team in the comprehensive assessment of psychiatric history, mental status, and diagnosis; physical and dental health; use of drugs or alcohol; education and employment; social development and functioning; activities of daily living and family structure and relationships.
  6. Perform individual, group and family supportive therapy and illness education in the process of carrying out the tasks above.
  7. Transcribes the prescribers medication orders if indicated; administers prescribed injections and medications as needed. Observes consumer, records significant conditions and reactions, and notifies current prescriber of consumers condition and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents.
  8. Monitor and collects specimens for clients as needed.
  9. Instructs consumers about daily medications (e.g., names of drugs, dosages, interactions, benefits). Reviews medication record of each consumer for potential adverse reactions, allergies, interactions, and contraindications on a monthly basis.
  10. Advise the prescriber of any medication errors and suggests changes.
  11. Records vital statistics and other pertinent data on consumers; maintains records of same.
  12. Takes temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight, and other vital signs to detect deviations from normal and determine progress of consumers.
  13. Engages in MAT services and may participate in induction protocols as needed.
  14. Liaisons with physician, dietitians, hospitals, pharmacies, and the consumers family on all health situations.
  15. Conduct visits, escorts consumers to appointments, transport food or goods for the consumers home, or program-sponsored activity as needed.
  16. Act as a clinical liaison between the team and outside entities.
  17. Document any progress notes in EHR within 48 hours of all client and collateral contacts.
  18. Provides networking and linkages between the programs, behavioral health providers, requires both telephone and face-to-face contact;
  19. Attend and participate in all team meetings.
  20. Acts as a role model for participants; furthers participants in researching and obtaining community resources appropriate and applicable to their needs and goals; follows-up on any aftercare/recommendations for treatment. Escorts/ accompanies participant as needed on appointments (medical, psychiatric, substance abuse).
  21. Provide crisis intervention and mental health counseling as needed.

A staff person will take part in weekly case conference meetings and biweekly supervision with CCBHC Project Director. Engages with Addiction Recovery Program Director and supervisor. Demonstrates knowledge of childhood through adulthood psychiatric disorders, substance abuse use and treatment, is culturally competent and sensitive, practices a trauma-informed approach that is individual and family-driven, youth guided, strength-based and trauma-informed. Adheres to confidentiality laws and guidelines.


  • Bachelors degree in nursing, RN licensure, and at least one year of experience working with individuals with mental health and/or substance use involvement.
  • Clinical supervisory experience is desirable.
  • A clear understanding or demonstrates a willingness to learn about various program models to include but are not limited to ACT and PROS.
  • Willingness to learn and demonstrate use of evidence-based treatment modalities.
  • Computer proficiency, including the ability to use email, navigate and enter all documentation into the electronic medical record.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and knowledge of group dynamics required
  • Valid New York State drivers license and vehicle required candidates are subject to regulatory background checks

Knowledge of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse usage and treatment, trauma-informed care, evidence-based treatment, developmental milestones and psychiatric medications. Computer proficiency