Unit Manager

$45,000 - $65,000 yearly
  • Waffle House
  • Columbia, SC, USA
  • Apr 15, 2021
Full time

Job Description

Waffle House is a very successful company.  We are debt free and are growing rapidly.  We are growing at a rate of 6% this year.  We are seeking quality people who are looking for a career with a successful company with desire for growth and development.  We are not looking for people to just stay at the unit level.  We need to find great people with the capacity to do more. 


There are 5 major levels of management:

Unit Manager - $56,000 average income - 1 unit

District Manager - $82,500 average income - 3 units

Division Manager - $105,000 average income - 9 units

Area Vice President – 25 - 40 units

Senior Vice President - 80-120 units

All Waffle House managers are home grown.  We only promote from within.  If you cannot run one unit, then you probably cannot run three.


There are great benefits for working at Waffle House.  Managers receive 3 - 10 day paid vacations per year (30 days total), health, dental, and life insurance, and participation in our private stock program.  Our stock program is by far our best benefit.  Our stock has an average return rate of 10%.  It is privately held, therefore does not fluctuate with the stock market.  Our stock does as well as we as a company do.  Oh by the way we are debt free and growing.  We have over a billion dollars in sales each year and an average of $45 million in profits each year.  After 1 year of employment you are eligible to invest up to 10% of your salary into the stock program.  However effective Day 1 of your employment with Waffle House the company grants you a stock option of approximately $16,000.  Every year you will receive another lump sum option into your account.  However, you have to stay with the company in order to reap the benefits due to the fact that the stocks vest in 5-9 years.  It is normal to hire an individual as a manager, work for the company for 20 years, and retire a millionaire due to stock.  It all depends on how serious you are about your career.


All managers are subjected to an intense 12-week paid training program.  During that time, they are taught every aspect of operating a Waffle House, from waiting tables, to cooking, to analyzing the P&L statement.  All managers are responsible for staffing, inventory control, sales, profits and more.  You would need to run the unit with an ownership mentality.  The challenge is coming in and building a team that you are proud of.


However, it sounds wonderful so far, but choosing Waffle House as a career does have its obstacles most people must overcome.  When people leave Waffle House it is not because of the money, it is because of the lifestyle.  There are 4 major culture changes that people must accept and adjust to in order to be successful.

  1. The schedule is 6 days on, 2 days off. The 2 days off will rotate throughout the week.  They will always be together and undisturbed.  You are not responsible for your business when you are off.  Your district manager will run your unit for you.
  2. Christmas day is our busiest day of the year.  We do 3 times the amount of business on Christmas day than any other day of the year; therefore, no management is allowed off on Christmas day or any other major holiday.  That includes the president of the company.  Believe it or not, he will be in a Waffle House Christmas morning cooking on the grill.
  3. Late night phone calls. The unit manager is responsible for a 24-hour restaurant.  They will work on 1st shift 95% of their time.  There are 3 shifts; 1st 7-2, 2nd 2-9, 3rd 9-7.  The unit manager will come in at 6:30am and prepare the floor for our busiest shift.  Then from 7-2 they will be in a productive role.  The person on the grill is always the team leader.  They manage the flow of the unit.  This position is hands on.  At 2:00pm, the manager is relieved from the grill by 2nd shift and then goes to the back to look at the schedule, inventory, sales, profits, etc.  Once all of that is complete, they go home.  However, imagine 2:00am your grill operator walks out.  You will receive the phone call and will be responsible for getting somebody else in there or you will have to go in yourself.  This does not happen often, but I guarantee it will happen.  Ways to avoid this is to hire quality people, have backup systems, and also follow Waffle House systems already in place.  We have recently implemented 2nd shift Assistant Managers and 3rd shift Supervisors and this has helped alleviate most issues that could potentially arise during the off shifts.
  4. Last, but not least. At least 2 nights per week you will have to return to the restaurant for a 2nd shift drawer change.  This means that around 8:30pm you will go back to the restaurant and verify sales, replenish the change fund, etc.  It will take you about 30 minutes.  This will usually be required on busy days (Fri. or Sat.) unless you are off.  If you are off, you are off!  You will not be disturbed on your days off.  That is when your district manager would step in and cover for you.


I have just provided you information about the Waffle House career opportunity, and it is a lot to think about.  If you feel that you are up for the challenge or even if it is not for you, please contact me at (803) 743-2138 to discuss career opportunities.  You may also apply online at www.whcareers.com .  As I previously mentioned, we are always seeking quality people that want to grow with a stable company.