First Cook

  • Tower Health
  • West Reading, PA 19611, USA
  • Dec 04, 2020

Job Description



Tower Health is a strong, regional, integrated healthcare provider/payer system that offers leading-edge, compassionate healthcare and wellness services to a population of 2.5 million people.

Together, our six hospitals and other entities provide a full range of medical care — from prevention, screenings and education; to the latest clinical services and surgeries available; to rehabilitation. We also offer wellness programs and public health services that ensure our communities are the healthiest they can be. Our caring, highly trained physicians and staff are committed to patient safety and patient satisfaction.

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With more than 12,000 team members, Tower Health includes Reading Hospital, a teaching hospital based in West Reading; Brandywine Hospital in Coatesville; Chestnut Hill Hospital, a teaching hospital in Philadelphia; Jennersville Hospital in West Grove; Phoenixville Hospital in Phoenixville; and Pottstown Hospital in Pottstown. We also operate Reading Hospital Rehabilitation at Wyomissing and Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences, and we have a comprehensive physician network.

Collaboration across Tower Health enables our hospitals, providers, leadership and staff to leverage best practices across the health system. Our patients benefit from access to a broad range of services — all right here in our region.Clock Tower


This position prepares food for in-patients, out-patients, retail operations and child care services throughout the organization.



High School Diploma or GED

Relevant Experience

No Licensure or Certification Required


Assists outlet Supervisor with personnel scheduling, payroll, attendance and meetings. Maintains temperature records necessary for the full operation of the
department. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) When asked, schedules personnel appropriately to meet their unit's FTE allotment.
(2) Maintains time and attendance records accurately and in a timely manner.
(3) Conducts and maintains records for monthly unit meetings.
(4) Participates in the OSHA mandated Train the Trainer and oversees and schedules the Department's Learning Management System.
(5) Writes and revises the department's job descriptions, evaluations, training and job flow sheets.
(6) Insures temperatures on all equipment are monitored as spelled out per policy and recorded there of. Reacts appropriately when temperatures are
(7) Maintains and updates the Material Safety Data Sheet system. Chemical inventory lists are up to date and posted on bulletin boards.

Responsible for training second and third cooks. Assumes leadership role. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Guarantees proper procedures, techniques, methods and processes are taught when training second and third cooks.
(2) Guarantees proper procedures, techniques, methods and processes are consistently followed throughout the culinary team.
(3) Demonstrates leadership skills.
(4) Forms working relationships with in the culinary team.
(5) Takes ownership of daily food production relating to the culinary team what needs to be completed.
(6) Is sensitive to time constraints and relates such to the culinary team.
(7) Insures policies and procedures are followed with respect to JCAHO, HACCP and state agencies.

The daily management of the cook's operations. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs cook's opening and closing procedures.
(2) Communicates to proper personnel through the correct channels when there are discrepancies with food items such as shortages, overages and
weight issues.
(3) Completes all facets of the food service computer system which pertain to this position.
(4) Maintains temperature logs applicable to this position.
(5) Ensures all food service equipment is properly maintained, cleaned and sanitized.

Responsible for daily food production, service and customer satisfaction through proper food handling guidelines and portion control. The Responsibility and
Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Prepares, sets up and monitors daily food production following standardized recipes and techniques. Assures FIFO method is used when preparing
daily items.
(2) Prepares all food items with respect to HACCP and serve safe guidelines. Makes sure food is available when needed . During food handling: covers,
labels and dates all food items.
(3) Ensures all foods are served at proper temperatures. Uses leftover food items in a timely manner, following serve safe guidelines.
(4) Ensures food quality by accurately following food handling procedures, portion control and following standardized recipes.
(5) Ensures clinical and retail customer's needs are met accurately and aesthetically with respect to quality and temperature.
(6) Replenishes food items as required, ensuring food is at proper temperature.
(7) Strives to be fiscally responsible by keeping waste to a minimum.

The daily management of the department's operations. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Performs departmental opening and closing procedures.
(2) Insures proper food handling and portion control techniques are followed.
(3) Guarantees proper safety and sanitation techniques are followed.
(4) Insures food is served accurately and in a timely manner.
(5) Visible at serving areas during majority of shift.
(6) Accurately maintains the cafeteria cash register systems.

Plans for the human resource needs of nutrition services. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Nutrition Services staff are present in suitable numbers to accomplish departmental functions in an efficient manner.
(2) Employees are scheduled within human resource complement allotment. FTE reports reflect compliance. Variances are justified.
(3) Employee disciplinary actions are carried out in accordance with hospital policy. Takes the initiative to begin/continue the disciplinary process with
outlet Supervisor direction.
(4) Mandatory and department specific employee training is complete and appropriately documented. Employees understand and can perform their
job duties.
(5) Assists in recruitment of new personnel helping for it to take place in a timely manner and attention is given to selecting the candidates most likely
to succeed.
(6) Responds to employee questions and problems from assigned outlet in a timely manner.

Provides hands on leadership, consistently working with staff to provide excellent service and maintaining all appropriate regulatory and hospital standards. The
Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Masters each station and point of service, including, but not limited to food preparation, point of sale food service, barista service, equipment and
outlet cleanliness and sanitation, and accurate, efficient tracking and recording of all cash and charge.

Checks for accuracy and adjusts the development of Food and Nutrition related Hospital policies. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Policies and procedures which document the operational functions associated with the safe and timely provision of Food and Nutrition Services are
in place and consistent with industry standards.
(2) Has working knowledge of Policy and Procedure manuals. Assists in ensuring they are reviewed and approved in a timely manner. Policies reflect
evidence of the review process.
(3) Insures that necessary policy changes are communicated and implemented in a timely manner.

Serves food in a manner that supports a pleasant and efficient food service experience for all customers. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards'
(1) Monitors the employee for the prompt and efficient service of customers, making sure the employee smiles and makes eye contact. Conducts shift
huddles to reinforce proper customer service.
(2) Monitors the restocking of areas so that sufficient product is available for customers.
(3) Monitors the rotation of product in accordance with FIFO principles. Monitors product expiration dates, reacting accordingly.
(4) Monitors the operation of food service equipment. Guarantees that refrigerated and heat maintenance equipment are operating at the correct
temperature. Makes sure all equipment is turned off when not in use. Requests equipment repair through the proper.
(5) Insures that proper food safety and sanitation techniques are followed. Monitors hand washing. Guarantees food is maintained at established safe
temperature levels. Monitors the covering, dating and labeling of all food items.
(6) Monitors that food is consistently served in accordance with established standards. Proper portioning tools are used. Correct service ware is used.
Monitors for attractive presentation and service ware is free from excessive drips and debris.
(7) Monitors cleaning processes. Monitors work stations and dining rooms for cleanliness. Completes a weekly sanitation checklist, communicates
substandard areas and follows through to ensure the areas have been taken care of.

Assists in the procurement, receiving, and distribution of all food items within the department and facility. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets
standards' when:
(1) Inventory is maintained at par levels.
(2) Evaluates menu and finds quality products from the vendors at the most reasonable pricing.
(3) Assures that receiving is done under state, JCAHO and HACCP guidelines. Damaged or unsafe foods are returned.
(4) Monitors that invoices are accurately received on in a timely manner.
(5) Monitors that invoices are processed in a timely manner.
(6) Keeps appropriate food items on hand. Menu needs are met.

SAFETY - 845:
Maintains a clean and safe working environment. The Responsibility and Accountability 'meets standards' when:
(1) Nutrition services equipment is maintained in safe working order. There is evidence of a functional and operational repair / maintenance program.
(2) Applicable safety practices are in place. Nutrition Service personnel are supplied with appropriate PPEs. Observation of the Nutrition Services' area
shows compliance.
(3) Monitors general department cleaning and trash removal duties.
(4) Guarantees the service ware is properly washed and sanitized. Maintains the cleanliness of the dishroom.