Certificated Teacher Resource

$15.34 hourly
  • Altus Schools
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Nov 19, 2020
Part time

Job Description



Under the direct supervision of the teacher, the successful candidate will assist in the academic program of 6th-12th grade students, and assist in the operations of the storefront resource center. Certificated Teacher Resource Associates are a key part of our team of education professionals. 5 hours per day (25 hours per week), CTRs will support their Supervising Teacher. They are role models for our students, and are expected to look, act, and speak, as representatives of the school at all times. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: This position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, knowledge, or abilities associated with this classification, but are intended to accurately reflect the principal job elements.

  • Grade student work within 72 hours of receipt
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Follow grading rigor reference guide
  • Tutoring should instructionally focus on: Math, ELA, Social Science, Physical & Life Sciences, Pathways Exhibition, CTE & General Electives and VAPA & World Languages
  • Assist and monitor the completion of the following surveys in Naviance: Game Plan, Do What you Are, Learning Style Inventory and PPEP
  • Update Course of Study Records with student survey results and identified Post High School Pathways
  • Sign and abide by all testing affidavits
  • Make reminder calls about testing dates/times and participation
  • Assist teacher with Assessment preparation and supervision
  • Review magazines/posters/framed posters in the resource center(remove items in question)
  • Attend required trainings, meetings or professional development opportunities throughout the school year
  • Home visits
  • Assist at graduation
  • Help our newest resource center associates get started
  • Review and update instructional materials
  • Help support the students while the teacher is in a meeting or attending a training
  • 3 hours per day(15 hours per week), the CTR will provide support to the entire Resource Center in the following ways: Small Group Tutoring Sessions, CTR should facilitate weekly small-group tutoring sessions, open to all students at the Resource Center, that align with the RC’s Instructional Plan
  • CTR can create monthly RC calendar and submit to Supervising Teacher for review
  • Field Trip Assistance
  • CTR can partner with the RC Field Trip coordinator to research and plan field trips that support the RC’s Instructional Plan
  • Guest Speaker/Pathway Exhibition Panel Assistance
  • CTR should support RC in making connections with local community members to serve as guest speakers and/or Pathway Exhibition panel members
  • Community Engagement & Marketing
  • CTR should partner with teachers at the RC on weekly basis to post fliers and make connections within the community
  • CTR should help maintain a clean, organized learning environment for students Other duties as assigned KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES:
  • Completed a minimum of two years of college course work from an accredited college or university (48 semester units)
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Possess excellent organizational, time management, and record-keeping skills
  • Preferably have experience working with secondary and specialized student populations
  • CTRs are formally evaluated through an annual scorecard that aligns with the action plans of the strategic initiative
  • CTRs are informally evaluated throughout the school year through feedback from their supervising teacher, Learning Lead, and/or School Coordinator