DISH was founded on adventure and an unshakable desire to win. It’s what drove us to launch satellites into space, when people said we couldn’t. Take on the FCC, when people said we shouldn’t. And connect millions of Americans to the TV they love, when the cable companies wouldn’t. We believe TV- and technology-loving families shouldn’t have to work in IT to work a remote, mortgage the house to pay for cable, or jump through hoops to watch the shows they love. It’s why we invented the world’s first DVR, 2-Year TV Price Guarantee and Remote Finder. Why we gave our customers the power to watch TV anywhere and skip the commercials. And why our customer satisfaction scores are some of the highest in the industry. Embracing adventure means embracing change and finding the opportunity within. We have a storied history of thinking long term and fearlessly innovating in the name of the consumer. So it wasn’t long before we started planning for how the internet would revolutionize Pay TV. We launched SLING TV, the world’s first live TV streaming platform, in 2015. Then we began furiously investing in as much 5G wireless spectrum as possible. Over the years, we transformed a generation of people who watch TV to a generation of people who stream it. Along the way, we’ve fielded billions of phone calls, climbed up and down millions of ladders, and visited thousands of homes. Now, we’re embarking on our greatest adventure of all: to build the nation’s first 5G network. We’re backed by four decades of experience and know-how – and over $21 billion of 5G spectrum. That’s more than enough to rival any U.S. wireless provider. In 2020, we officially entered the consumer wireless industry with the acquisition of Boost Mobile, a company synonymous with value and innovation. Together, we're building a multi-brand wireless telco to upend the retail market and deliver groundbreaking new experiences for all. 5G will be the lifeblood of a new-world economy, improving quality of life, economic growth, and sustainability for all. Over the next 10 years, we’ll be strategically positioned to power the smart cities of the future – Smart Homes, factories, driverless cars and artificial intelligence – plus the millions upon millions of wearables, sensors, devices and robots that will support them. That’s where you come in Not only is our success grounded in opportunity and adventure, it’s also the greatest benefit we offer. Whether you join us as a suit, scientist or tech, your success here will be determined by teamwork, effort and results. Not your tenure, title, what degree you hold, or whether you hold one at all. Because at DISH, opportunity doesn’t discriminate: it has many names, roles and faces, and it’s available to all who seize it. We are Curious. We are Proud. We are Adventurous. We are Winning. We are DISH. And we are changing the world. Join us?