Mosaic Engineering and Consulting

Mosaic Engineering and Consulting specializes in the repair and renovation of existing facilities, concentrating on engineering and consulting services required to extend the life of buildings, structures, and facilities throughout North America and the world.  Mosaic brings together experience in building facades, roofing and waterproofing, construction materials, structural engineering, and other consulting services.  The firm has offices in the Greenville, SC, Denver, CO, Cincinnati, OH, and Washington, DC metro areas. 

Whether modern construction or a historically significant facility, Mosaic’s professionals are experienced in understanding the issues, evaluating the existing systems, and developing cost effective solutions.  Its engineers recommended solutions take into account the clients’ needs, associated budgets, and desired outcomes while adapting/utilizing the existing facility systems.  The team has a track-record of providing practical solutions for commercial, government, hospitality, and residential owners and managers.