Hengenix Biotech, Inc.

Hengenix Biotech, Inc., located in Milpitas, CA, focuses on developing and delivering high-quality, innovative, and affordable medicine to patients worldwide to treat a range of chronic and life-threatening diseases with a focus in oncology and autoimmune diseases. Hengenix is affiliated with Shanghai Henlius Biotech, a global biopharmaceutical company established in 2010. Henlius’ diverse pipeline of over 20 innovative monoclonal antibodies (mAb) includes 汉利康® (HLX01, rituximab injection, the first commercially launched biosimilar in China), 汉曲优® (HLX02, trastuzumab injection, Zercepac® in the EU, first Chinese mAb biosimilar approved in both EU and China), 2 products under NDA review, and over 20 clinical studies for 10 products and 8 combination therapies worldwide.

Our goal at Hengenix is to accelerate the discovery and development of innovative biologics (such as monoclonal and bispecific antibody) through technical and operational excellence and to build a leading immuno-oncology franchise with a diverse and distinguished product portfolio. We aim to be a globally trusted biotech company dedicated to bringing affordable, innovative treatment to patients with unmet medical needs worldwide.

Hengenix: https://hengenix.com/
Henlius: http://www.henlius.com/en/index.html