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About SC Women in Leadership

  • SC Women in Leadership (SC WIL) is a multi-partisan network of women whose mission is to move South Carolina forward politically, socially, economically, educationally, and environmentally.
  • SC WIL’s mission is to inform, involve, and inspire women to become engaged in local and state leadership opportunities, which works to increase the collective influence of women locally, statewide, and nationally.   
  • SC WIL believes that improving racial and gender equality in leadership is crucial to our collective future. We work to build racial and gender representation from the ground up, shining light on opportunities for women within their communities.

  • SC WIL serves as a source of information about local and statewide opportunities to run for elected or appointed office and/or support those who do. It does not endorse candidates or take positions on issues.
  • SC WIL holds that women working together create communities where cooperation and respectful conversation bring increased quality of life and expanded opportunities for all.
  • SC WIL’s goals for 2019-2022:

Fair Voting. Provide information and opportunities for discussion about equitable redistricting and voting process/equipment improvement.

Fill the Pipeline. Connect women to opportunities, resources, and information about running for office. Inform other women and men of candidates so they may choose to volunteer or support those candidates.

Reduce polarization. Encourage listening, respectful conversation, and consensus-building in our approach to communication and greater understanding.

  • SC WIL believes seeking common ground on key issues is essential to our future. Women have a history of using a cooperative approach to solve collective challenges. 
  • Women working together can make our state  a better place to live and work for all citizens, their children, and their grandchildren’s future.

  • SC WIL operates with a seven member board of directors from different backgrounds and perspectives who share a common commitment to our state’s future. 

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