Colorado Department of Corrections

The Colorado Department of Corrections is a State correctional agency housing over 17,000 adult inmates in 20 Colorado prison locations, and manages just under 13,000 parolees. All inmates and parolees are supervised and mentored by over 6,200 State CDOC employees. Our Mission Statement is, "To protect the citizens of Colorado by holding inmates accountable and engaging them in opportunities to make positive behavioral changes and become law-abiding citizens." Our wide range of careers include Correctional Officers, Parole Officers, Trades Professionals, Teachers, Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health Professionals, Food Service Supervisors, and more.

The Colorado Department of Corrections is committed to nondiscriminatory practices and providing equitable opportunities for employment and advancement in all of our departments, programs, services, and worksites. As an employer of choice, the CDOC celebrates equity, diversity and inclusion, and is dedicated to recruiting individuals to join our team that will share our vision of “Building a safer Colorado for today and tomorrow.” If you are looking for a stable and forever career, and want to help change lives...join the largest family in Colorado!