ASHLIN Management Group

Over 20 years of engagements, ASHLIN has taken its place as a leader in providing digital solutions and professional services to the public and private sectors. We are committed to innovative, agile applications of data, superior service and guidance, and delivering amazing solutions to our clients.

ASHLIN was founded in 1996 by CEO and owner Linda Botts with just two employees, one being herself. Her commitment to aiding clients and serving the public sector established ASHLIN’s foundation in creating applicable, culturally conscious solutions using data and technology. Fast forward over 20 years and ASHLIN has grown exponentially across the Federal and Private sectors. As the needs of our clients have evolved, so have our areas of expertise. ASHLIN now offers a suite of professional services and digital solutions, all tailored to the unique and changing needs of our clients.

Business Intelligence As A Service

ASHLIN Recognized the importance of data in delivering value to clients long before data-driven decision making became the standard. Whether it’s eLearning, data analytics, program management, training, or technical assistance, ASHLIN combines its expertise in data analytics with domain knowledge of its subject matter experts to derive meaningful insights that lead to successful