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HSI Special Agents

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Typical Enforcement Areas

Money Laundering: Special agents identify, track, disrupt and dismantle the systems and criminal organizations that launder money generated from smuggling, trade fraud and/or export violations.

Fraud Investigations: Special agents identify and target illicit trade practices that negatively impact the United States.

Counter-Proliferation Investigations: Special agents investigate trafficking in a host of illegal commodities and components, including arms, controlled substances and the building blocks for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Agents also enforce international embargoes and sanctions imposed by other government agencies.

Cyber Investigations: Special agents initiate online investigations to facilitate enforcement of any of the 400+ laws within the agency’s scope of authority where perpetrators use the Internet as a tool for criminal activities.

Narcotics: Special agents use unified intelligence, interdiction and investigative efforts to penetrate and dismantle drug smuggling organizations and reduce the flow of narcotics across U.S. borders.

Immigration and Nationality Act Violations: Special agents plan and conduct investigations, often undercover, concerning possible violations of criminal and administrative provisions of the act and other related statutes.

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ICE is an Equal Opportunity Employer

HSI Investigates:

  • Threats to National Security and Public Safety
  • Human Smuggling and Trafficking
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Counter-Proliferation Investigations
  • Gang Investigations
  • Financial and Money-Laundering Crimes
  • Customs Trade Fraud
  • Immigration Fraud
  • Cyber and Child Exploitation Crimes