M&T Bank

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 M&T Bank’s vision is to be the best company our employees ever work for, the best bank our customers ever do business with, and the best investment our shareholders ever make. Our commitment to living up to our values and truly “understanding what’s important” have helped make us one of the best performing regional banks in the nation and a Fortune 500 company.

 At M&T Tech, we’re a team of makers, doers and builders, working to create the most advanced technology solutions in banking. We’re not your stereotypical suit-and-tie-bankers, we’re an innovative team of leading tech experts, pushing boundaries and taking risks.

 From personal financial management to digital lending to payment processing and lots more, we’re leveraging modern development techniques to create new products and services that help our customers thrive. We’re building an agile team of the best and brightest, working to solve complex problems, creating solutions, writing code, and charting our path, all in an effort to make the lives of our customers, and the communities that we serve, better.

 Join us and be part of something new as we build tomorrow’s bank, today. 


M&T Bank Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer., including disabilities and veterans.