Our mission is to provide kids the best educational start possible. We provide fun, personalized, and proven learning products for ages 2-8 to help build confidence, mastery, and a love of learning.

We know that when you invest in early childhood education, your child’s chances of success increase — not just in school, but also in their broader lives.

Our learning experts understand that when children are allowed to explore their interests and passions, they become curious, motivated, confident learners who are ready to take on the world. Our proven learning programs are designed by experts, research-based, fun and engaging, and easy to use.

Our proven programs consist of quality content that actually works and shows progress. We combine your child’s unique passions and interests with their age and reading ability to create a motivating program that supports their learning. Nurturing a love of learning should feel like child’s play. Our programs are educator-designed and tested by the true experts — the kids! Every dollar spent in early childhood learning returns 13x the investment. Each membership includes up to 4 customizable profiles, making it perfect for your family.