Blue Marble Communications

Blue Marble Communications was founded in January 2017 with our focus on developing ultra-high-bandwidth communications equipment suitable for use in the up-and-coming global-coverage satellite constellations. Recognizing that existing industry technology, manufacturing capabilities, and overall business models could not address the needs of this rapidly emerging market sector; Blue Marble Communications began aggressively developing RF and optical modems and transceivers that would embrace technologies two to three steps beyond what was being addressed elsewhere in the industry as the “next evolution” in technology.

Leveraging strategic relationships and gaining early access to next-generation ASICs, FPGAs, and select advanced microcircuits; Blue Marble Communications has not only leaped well beyond performance capabilities currently in development elsewhere, but we have also made great strides in the reduction of Size, Weight, and Power…and Cost (SWaP-C). Our newly released products (as well as those currently in development) not only provide greater than an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth at less than half the SWaP, they do it at a small fraction of the price of currently available space hardware.