TRUSAIC is a combination of the words TRUST and MOSAIC. Like a MOSAIC, data comes in all shapes and forms, structured and unstructured. With complex government regulations, regulatory compliance and business intelligence necessitates accurate data you can TRUST.


Trusaic is dedicated to helping our clients conquer complex data and complicated regulations through our unique blend of software and services. We believe it’s not enough to give our clients self-serve software. We back that up with real humans behind the data, and a real partner by your side, because when the stakes are high it’s not enough to get it done. It has to be done right.


Our willingness to work with clients on their most complex issues and our diligence to get it done correctly are two of the main reasons we have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75. Our clients love working with us, and you can check out testimonials at for detailed descriptions of their experiences.