Tennyson Center For Children

Tennyson Center for Children is dedicated to helping children who have experienced severe abuse, neglect, and/or trauma so they can bravely, and safely, change their life’s story.

Tennyson Center believes that the spiritual needs of the children and families that we serve are as important as any of their other needs. We are culturally sensitive to each child’s spiritual background. Our Spiritually Integrated Therapy program allows for this work to be woven into the fabric of what we do.

Spiritually Integrated Therapy helps children and families clarify and develop their own values and find their place in the community.

For the past 112 years, TCC’s trained professionals have empowered generations of children and families by providing a child-centered, customized approach to healing through our community-based, school, and residential programs. The primary goal of all TCC programs is to reintegrate our children back into safe families, supportive schools and vibrant communities.