Academic Services Coordinator

Mountbatten provides international business internships integrated with academic study for college graduates in London, one of the world's leading financial centers. Internship opportunities are offered with multinational companies in a variety of fields including finance, business operations, accounting, human resources, and marketing. Alongside the practical training and professional experience acquired through the internship, program participants simultaneously pursue graduate studies in Entrepreneurial Leadership or International Business Practice, allowing them to examine theories in the context of real-life scenarios.

The student's internships are with companies like Citi Bank, Barclay's, Blackrock, Royal Bank of Scotland, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, HSBC, and Bank of America, to name a few, while being under the tutelage of senior management.

Some of the most recent positions in the field of banking and finance included Business Analyst, Market Analyst, Business Manager, Trading Desk Support, Debt Capital Markets Analyst, Equities Analyst, Trainee Consultant, Financial Planning Analyst, Tax Assistant, FX Analyst, and Macro Analyst.

In the area of business operations we had students take on roles like Securities Settlements, Prime Brokerage, Operations Analyst, International Treasury Analyst, Change Management Analyst, and Project Manager.

Marketing and communications opportunities were roles such as Marketing Analyst, Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Marketing Assistant, Branding Analyst, Communications Analyst, Event Manager, and Investor Relations Assistant.

Visa sponsorship for a UK Tier 5 visa is provided to all applicants who are able to secure a placement through our program.

Applicants must have:

An undergraduate degree.

A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or above, for those graduating from an American institute of higher education, or equivalent from your home country.

Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of three to six months full-time professional (office/administrative) work experience to fulfil eligibility requirements.
Work experience can be accumulated in several positions, and may have been acquired before, during, and/or after relevant academic studies.
Work experience must be related to one of the areas we offer placements in: Finance, Event Management, HR, IT, Law, Marketing/Communications or Non-Profit.
Voluntary/unpaid work can count towards the required three to six months.
Retail, restaurant, bar/pub work cannot be counted.

We have intakes that start every March and August and offer 3 academic programs. They include a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business (12 months), an MA in International Business Practice (12 months), and an MBA in International Business Practice (16 months total-12 in London and 3 1/2 months at home working on dissertation).

The cost actually depends on the academic program selected. The Post Graduate Certificate in International Business is $13,000, MA in Entrepreneurial Management is $17,000, and the MBA is $30,000. This does include the cost of fully furnished housing which we provide. Also, for the 12 months while students are doing their internships, they will receive a monthly training allowance of GBP £700 . This currently equates to about $900 US dollars.

Students who complete the Mountbatten program vastly improve their employability. There is a 94% rate of employment with 6 months with our graduates. Typically, each intake about 35-40% of the participants in our program receive offers for full-time positions with the company they just interned with right away.