The Benefit Company, Inc.

Benefitfirst™ is a private cloud-based benefits eligibility management product that automates and supports an employer’s complete benefits cycle with an unmatched focus on accuracy. Customized to each client and each employee, Benefitfirst is business rules driven and includes routine exports to carriers/TPAs and standard weekly audits – ensuring an eligibility error rate of less than 1 percent. Benefitfirst also significantly reduces administration time by as much as 80%. Administrators can save up to 40 minutes per life event for their employees.

Our Founding Roots
From the beginning, Benefitfirst has been different. It was created by insurance professionals – a successful life, accident and health insurance brokerage – to solve a large hospital client’s eligibility problems. The hospital's eligibility errors were causing them to pay erroneous claims on employees no longer eligible for coverage.

The first step in eliminating these errors was to create an auditing system to compare the client's payroll data to the carriers' eligibility data. The next step was to provide a weekly eligibility audit report to the client and transmit accurate eligibility and enrollment data to the carriers. The result? A more than $2 million savings in erroneous claims.

Benefitfirst Today
With those founding roots in employee benefits, technology and consulting, Benefitfirst has evolved into a robust benefits eligibility management tool that audits and transmits millions of eligibility updates to hundreds of carriers and vendors each year. It’s nimble and easy to modify because we’ve always understood how much benefits can vary and how often they change. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client.

We innovate constantly. We stay on top of industry changes and emerging trends. As technology advances and the marketplace changes, so does Benefitfirst. Our goal is to make benefits eligibility management easy on you and save you as much time and money as possible.

With Benefitfirst, you can rest easy knowing you have the right solution to reduce time and cost and increase accuracy and convenience.

Our Mission
To protect and promote the interests of our clients while providing innovative and cost-effective solutions with definable and measurable results.