Child Care Careers

ChildCare Careers is the largest Early Education Substitute company in the nation. ChildCare Careers is proud to have 20 years of educational success and we look forward to extending new opportunities to Columbus’ aspiring Early Education and seasoned Early Education professionals.

We hire Child Care Aides, Child Care Teachers and other early education professionals and assign them to client schools in our serviceable Columbus area. ChildCare Careers is an excellent opportunity for students entering the early education field or current professionals looking for more opportunities.

We have both Full and Part time positions available. We mainly serve centers with operating hours ranging from 6am-7pm. But we allow our employees to choose the days, hours and areas they are available to work within and give the option to change those parameters once every 30 days. For example, if they are only available to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1pm-7pm, we only assign them within those days/hours. ChildCare Careers values work/life balance, which means will allow time off for family engagements, midterms, finals and even practicums. To additionally incentivize success, ChildCare Careers also offers tuition reimbursement for qualifying early childhood education classes.

We continuously hire throughout the year, as our most impressive staff members are often offered permanent positions with our schools. We are an excellent way to shop around for permanent employment since our employees have the opportunity to engage with the staff and experience the classroom before committing to any permanent offer. Childcare Careers is not a third party staffing agency, we are the employing entity and we are here to answer all questions pertaining to evaluations, pay, tuition reimbursement, and any other concerns that you may have. We are an ‘at will’ company, meaning that employment here is as short or as long as convenient.