SIM USA has been a catalyst for cross-cultural mission work for 130 years. Since the organization was founded in 1893, we have maintained our identity as a diverse group of people joined together by the shared belief that no one should live and die without hearing the good news of the gospel.

SIM workers provide aid in the areas of healthcare, child development, community development, natural disaster and drought relief, and more. We strive to work alongside local professionals and churches to meet people’s physical needs as we also share how Jesus can meet their spiritual needs.

We share the gospel in a variety of ways, including business ministry, children’s ministry, education, church planting, evangelism, media, arts, and more. Often we do this with open and intentional conversation, but in all cases our daily lives reveal God’s love.

We help cultivate mature churches around the world in a variety of ways, including discipleship ministries, theological education, community education, international schools, technical services, and church development ministries.