Brooklyn Community Services

Brooklyn Community Services is a 158 year old non-sectarian, not-for-profit.

Our Vision

BROOKLYN FOR ALL. BCS believes all Brooklynites should have the resources, education, opportunities, and safety they need to thrive. We envision healthy and sustainable communities, where members are engaged as leaders, neighborhoods draw from their strengths and generations flourish together.

Our Mission

BCS partners with people to overcome obstacles on their pathway toward self-determination.

Since 1866, founded on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors, BCS has worked in neighborhoods impacted by systemic poverty. Today, we continue to strengthen communities by fostering the educational success of children, the leadership development of youth, the employment and housing stability of adults, the advancement of individuals living with disabilities, and the empowerment of seniors and families. Our work is rooted in the struggle for social justice and through action and advocacy, we commit to shine a light on barriers that perpetuate inequitable systems as a part of the collective effort to ignite change.