American Paradigm Schools

The APS Mission & Vision

The mission of American Paradigm Schools is to develop, manage, and support diverse school communities, who are grounded in literacy to produce academic excellence and expand opportunities for all students. Our vision is world class schools in diverse communities.

The APS Objective

American Paradigm Schools is a non-profit, charter management organization that supports and serves four charter schools in North and Northeast Philadelphia.

We accomplish this through:

  • Integrating a whole child approach to curriculum and activities including the arts, sports and healthy living
  • Involving stakeholders including families, staff, community and decision makers
  • Recruiting and supporting inspired leadership
  • Recruiting and supporting teachers committed to the students and the families they serve
  • Data-based decision making

Given the right tools, learning environment, skills, family and community support, we believe that our students can and will achieve future success in:

  • Being productive members of their communities
  • Good citizenship locally and globally
  • College and career