South Bronx charter school for International Cultures & the

The South Bronx Charter School for International Cultures and the Arts implements an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides hands-on, active learning experiences for students to develop language proficiency in English and Spanish language.  The second language is integrated across all content areas, allowing students to continuously and consistently build on language skills while learning content.  Dual language instruction provides students with a systematic set of supports that strengthen their oral and written language development regardless of their proficiency level via classroom environment, essential vocabulary, and visuals.

About half of  the students come from Spanish speaking homes while the other half have little or no exposure to the Spanish language.  All students have the opportunity to help their peers in the language they are most comfortable with.

The teachers work closely together and plan each month of instruction, carefully considering language proficiency when introducing content. Students spend one entire week of learning in English, frequently when new concepts are introduced.  The following week of instruction is taught in Spanish where teachers enhance and expand their learning in the second language. Students exit our program as fluent, competent readers and writers in both languages.

The mission in the Creative Arts Department is to provide high quality, visual and performing arts education that aligns with the academic programming through events, performances, programs and exhibitions that are designed to nurture the creative learning spirit of students. The exciting arts programming reflects the international school community, diversity and history. The Creative Arts Department is an integral part of the school's design and curriculum. SBCSICA believes that the arts are essential for human development and academic success and for enriching our culture as a whole.