The Creekside School

The Creekside School's emphasis on family stems from our recognition that autism doesn't just impact parents.

It impacts the whole family: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

All families play an important role in their students' success. The families of students with autism play a crucial role in supporting their child's journey to adulthood.

Our Mission: To dramatically improve quality of life for our students and their families. 

The Creekside School is a functional skills program leading to a certificate of high school completion. Functional academics expose students to a mix of academic skills, concepts and curriculum while teaching the everyday life skills our students need to be as independent as possible in adulthood.

​Curriculum at The Creekside School is individualized for each student based on their IEP goals and in alignment with the standards-based functional-skills curriculum guide developed by the Special Education Administrators of County Offices (SEACO) as well as the California Common Core standards.

​All students learn daily living skills at Creekside including cooking, laundry, hygiene, gardening, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Students also participate in pre-vocational and volunteer activities on and off campus such as weekly meal deliveries for Meals on Wheels and stocking shelves at nearby stores.