Mill Creek Lumber and Supply Company

Our company mission is to build dreams for our families and customers. Mill Creek
provides unsurpassed value and service to our community by being the "go to" source
for all building materials products, while remaining ever mindful and focused upon
our core values: honesty, integrity and passion to excel.

Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Company is our flagship business and is currently comprised of two custom millwork and door facilities, two fireplace installation teams and five lumber yards/building supply stores in Oklahoma. We will add a seventh lumber/building supply location in Jones, Oklahoma in 2023.

Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Company of Kansas - Mill Creek Lumber and Supply Company of Kansas currently boasts a custom millwork and door facility and a lumber yard location in Wichita, Kansas with plans to complete an expansion and move into new facilities in 2023.

Mill Creek Carpet & Tile - Mill Creek Carpet and Tile is one of the fastest growing sectors in our business portfolio. We recently added our Granite division to our carpet and tile family to streamline services to our customers. What started as one location has quickly grown to 16 store locations throughout Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas with plans to add additional locations in 2023.

Mill Creek Truss - Mill Creek Truss designs and manufactures roof and floor trusses from traditional designs to the totally unique. Our in house design team has over 170 years of truss design experience and our trusses are known for their quality and uncompromising structural integrity.

Wood Systems Inc. - Wood Systems is a leader in the commercial construction industry and our mill has produced state-of-the art custom designed millwork and casework for some of the top general contractors and construction managers in the US.

Any company can erect a building, stock materials, and buy equipment, but it takes the hiring and rewarding of outstanding people to continually grow and flourish for over eighty-five years. Our Mill Creek Family is larger and stronger than ever before and we remain committed to fostering an environment where our employees can succeed and grow. This allows Mill Creek to provide the highest level of value and service to the communities we serve. We build and maintain the trust of our customers by ensuring the consistent and successful delivery of goods and services from the conception to completion of every project.