Zeta Charter Schools

The Zeta Charter Schools mission is to provide an excellent, free education for every child in New York City. We value high academic achievement equally alongside socio-emotional development, refusing to sacrifice one for the other. Our schools strive to be innovative, high achieving learning communities focused on mindfulness and wellbeing, with consideration for our students, our families, and our entire Zeta team.

Our approach includes rigorous academics, world-class specialist educators, innovative learning spaces, and tailored socio-emotional lessons, with the end goal of unleashing the true unique potential of every one of our students. We also provide constant support for our teachers and staff, providing consistent professional development alongside opportunities for self care, ensuring a healthy and tight-knit team.

We currently operate four PK-5th Grade schools in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, with plans to expand and to greater serve New York’s educational needs. We will continue to add grade levels while also expanding the number of schools. We will serve PK-6th Grade in the 2023-2024 school year.