Born Inc

Born, Inc. is world wide supplier of Direct Fired Process Heaters w/ APH and DeNOx SCR Systems, Reformers, CO Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU), Indirect Fired Heaters, Incinerators, Hot Oil Systems with Pumps and Expansion Tank, Sulfur Recovery Units, Burner Management Control Systems, Scrubber Systems and associated equipment, offering comprehensive engineering, inspection, installation, commissioning services and revamps.

Born, Inc. has been in business since 1917 (100+ years), continuing to revolutionize the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our design, workmanship and quality are well known by Born customers. Careful attention is paid to each client’s specific needs, as well as the commitment of all our personnel to provide a high quality service and product. Our procurement and fabrication expertise is on a worldwide basis to provide most cost effective products at strategic locations.