Office of Behavioral Health

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan (CMHIFL) is one of two state hospitals serving our community. The vision of CMHIFL is to provide the highest quality mental health services to persons with complex, serious, and persistent mental illness within the resources available. Our mission is to support those individuals in achieving their recovery goals and reaching their full potential. CMHIFL provides inpatient treatment to adult patients, generally between the ages of 18-59. The hospital currently has 138 adult inpatient beds, over six treatment milieus serving civil and forensic individuals. Medical services, occupational therapy, neuropsychological-rehabilitation services, and trauma-informed care services are available for all patients throughout the hospital.

CMHIFL is expanding it's campus and treatment provision. We will soon be offering both civil and forensic treatment and are in the process of building and staffing two new treatment units!

Through our core values listed below, CMHIFL staff is committed to:

  •             Individual dignity and respect;
  •             Person-centered, evidence based care;
  •             Trauma informed recovery;
  •             Multidisciplinary collaboration;
  •             Diversity and inclusion
  •             Strong family and community partnerships.