Positive Changes

Positive Changes is an intensive out patient facility for children 4-17.  Children who qualify for this care have been unable to make adequate progress through outpatient counseling services, are stepping down from inpatient levels of care or whose behaviors make it difficult to maintain in a traditional class room setting.  We have a team of doctors, therapists, medicine providers and case managers to provide care for the child.  The children attend program Monday-Friday during the day and are home evenings and weekends.  During the school year, clients go to school 1/2 day and the other 1/2 they attend Group Rehab.  During the summer they have program 4 hours a day with no school.  Each week the children receive 1 hour of individual therapy, 1 hour of family therapy and 2 hours of group therapy.  Children also meet with a psychiatrist a minimum of twice per month.