Prodigy Solutions

Prodigy is the industry leader in developing cutting-edge solutions designed to improve the welfare, safety, and long-term outcomes of incarcerated individuals nationwide. As a private company in the niche market of correctional technology, Prodigy breaks the mold with its People-over-Profit business model. Without corporate stakeholders, Prodigy’s leadership team can invest its time and resources solely into delivering the most advanced technology and scalable solutions to its ever-growing customer base of correctional facilities and government agencies. Prodigy’s success allows us to make valuable, lasting contributions to facilities in the form of staff funding, recreational equipment, and more inmate access to loved ones, which benefit everyone in the prison ecosystem.

What’s in our product pipeline? Prodigy’s patent-pending technology includes inmate communication tools to facilitate meaningful contact with family and friends and support successful reentry. These include video visitation, text, audio, video, and photo messaging, along with a robust library of educational and legal resources. Prodigy also provides tablets and entertainment features such as eBooks, movies, music and games to minimize idle time and promote wellbeing.  

Additionally, Prodigy develops the most innovative back-office solutions that improve onsite security for inmates and correctional staff alike. These deliverables include digital mail scanning, communication monitoring, and instant transcription services.