LBE, Inc.

LBE, Inc. provides integrated design and consulting services for a multitude of facilities and business sectors. One of the major areas of focus for LBE is federal contracting. LBE is familiar with the design guides and processes of many federal agencies. Our engineers have performed designs for many projects that deal with secure facilities and special operations customers. Project types include SCIF, access control facilities, data rooms, ranges, shoot houses, schools, dining facilities, barracks, administration buildings, hangars, vehicle maintenance facilities, warehouses, RDT&E facilities, AT/FB upgrades to facilities, central energy plants, medical facilities and much more. LBE strives to provide the most dedicated and qualified design professionals for each project, providing the customer with innovative design solutions that meet budgetary constraints. We continually provide quality design services that exceed customers’ expectations. We have designed large, complex projects and have extensive experience with the unique tools, systems, and standards needed to successfully execute them.