Waffle House

Restaurant Manager:

Earn $50-65,000

*6 days on, 2 days off guaranteed schedule--unmatched in restaurant industry

*3-month training program-learn how to run the business

*All promotions from within

District Manager:

Earn $70-98,000

*2-3 restaurants

Division Manager:

Earn $95-120,000

*6-9 restaurants

Stock Ownership

*annual stock options granted--based on % of your compensation

*Career stock options granted--at hire and with each promotion

Additional Benefits:

*Health Insurance: medical, dental, vision, and life available for you and your family

*Vacation: three 10-day vacations each year

*Paid Maternity Leave: 6 weeks (8 weeks for C-section)

*Advancement: steady growth..promotion opportunities

*Culture: fast pace, teamwork, winning