College Achieve Public Charter Schools

A Vision

CAPS began with the vision of a public school where all students graduated high school prepared to excel in college, return to their communities, and become the next generation of leaders. Founder Mike Piscal believed that all children possess unique gifts and talents and that they can achieve when given access to a strong college preparatory program. In collaboration with the community and respected leaders, Piscal set out to form a new school with the expectations and rigor you’d expect from a private school.

New Schools

College Achieve Central opened its doors in Plainfield for the 2015-2016 school year with an emphasis on character-building, emerging technologies, and individualized teaching. CAPS Asbury and CAPS Paterson opened two years later. All three schools are K-12 institutions, adding grades each year.

What Motivates Us

CAPS was created for youth who have enormous potential but limited resources. We offer innovative and newly-envisioned public schools. CAPS is a creative partner on a passionate mission to offer high-quality education to all students. We do this because we are driven by our commitment to character, community, emerging technologies, an individualized approach, and a college-going mindset. Our teachers motivate our scholars to think critically, instead of simply looking for the “right” answer. The heart of what motivates us is teaching students to think for themselves.