Landmark School

Landmark School is a coeducational, residential high school for students with language­-based learning disabilities. We also have an Elementary/Middle School program which is a day program. We are situated twenty miles north of Boston on Massachusetts’ historic North Shore. There are currently 300 students attending the high school campus and 160 students attending the elementary middle school campus. Students at the school come from a variety of national, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Each student has average to above average intelligence, but also has a language-­based learning disability that has made education a very difficult process.

Faculty members at Landmark School benefit from the structure, support, and mentorship of our unique Teacher Residency Program. It is the springboard upon which teachers hone skills and build mastery while working full time earning an advanced degree. Participants gain hands-on skills in the classroom and the Residential Life Program (High School only), and are enrolled in a fully subsidized Master of Education Degree in Special Education from Boston University, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development.