Dipont Education

Pioneers in internationalized education in China

Dipont Education is at the forefront of changing the way education is thought about and delivered in China. Driven by its mission to provide quality education that equips young people for success, Dipont has been a pioneer in the development and localization of international education since the 1990s.

Years of exploration, partnered with experimentation, have given Dipont a rich insight into China’s K-12 educational landscape, and a unique and innovative approach.

In addition to establishing and managing schools with elite Chinese and international partners, Dipont also provides innovative curricular and co-curricular programming. Through constantly reinventing to meet new opportunities, Dipont has built a strong reputation for its ability to balance eastern and western educational philosophies.

In the years to come, Dipont will continue to offer quality international programs, engage partners and stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about education, and ultimately, drive positive changes in China’s K-12 sector.