Due to overwhelming demand from our employer, alumni and university personnel base, Hire Talent created AlumOnly to be the premier job board for graduates of top universities around the country and to be another vehicle to help match the best companies with seasoned professionals.

Our Vision and Mission: to assist college graduates looking to discover new career paths. Our team has over 30 years of experience helping college grads find their dream jobs.  Through our Multi-School Alumni Only Career Fairs in over 20+ cities, working with 500+ colleges and universities across the country, we have become the premier company in helping college grads from all majors, degrees and industries find their new career paths. We work directly with alumni career services from all the top universities. Our patented job-matching algorithm pairs new job seekers with opportunities that fit their degree, school, skills and interests making the job search and the candidate search more efficient for everyone.  Our matching process will notify you of specific companies who will be at our events in a city near you.

Our Values:

Alumni First: We make every decision with alumni in mind, first. We believe what’s good for alumni is good for all: schools, employers, community, and society.

Our Success: We are successful when an alumni finds a job or an employer hires an alumni.

Ease-of-use and easy to engage with: We strive to make our products easy to use and our customer service top-notch.

Use our alumni data for alumni benefit only: We value alumnus data, using it only for the benefit of the alumni, never giving it to a third party without the alumni consent.

Growth & Development: We consistently strive to promote growth and development. We help job seekers successfully navigate the challenges of the job search and give employers the tools they need to meet and exceed their recruitment goals.


Since 2015, HIRE TALENT has been the leading organizer of
multi-school alumni only career events. 

Hire Talent organizes and manages over 25 events
across the country each year.

With a proven track record for producing exclusive events featuring top talents from the best schools and universities, our team has had repeated success matching talented candidates with great opportunities.  

All talent is vetted, and our events are private and exclusive
for alumni from our partner schools.

For More Info and Reviews, 
Please Visit www.gohiretalent.com